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The ICS focus is on educating the whole child, seeking to develop the innate curiosity of our students while celebrating cultural differences in a challenging, nurturing and intentionally multi-ethnic environment.

With the dedication of our faculty and staff, the steadfast support of parents and the larger community, ICS has created a learning environment second to none despite the challenge of inadequate facilities, substandard equipment and non-competitive salaries.

We fiercely protect our students' right to music, art, language, physical education and recess while insisting that they meet progress requirements in language arts, social sciences, mathematics and earth science.

A commitment to
foreign language study, art, music, drama and physical education is one of the things that sets ICS apart
from other schools.

Photo of a group of multiethnic children

Over 2,500 refugees are resettled in DeKalb County every year.

ICS gives the children of these families a unique opportunity to smoothly transition into the American culture and education system.

Peace Lessons at ICS - a CNN Video