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The International Community School's unique student body and innovative educational model have received national media attention.

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New Location for ICS
Candlemas Celebration at ICS
Colonial America Demonstration at ICS
Trail of Tears Walk and Wax Museum Exhibit
Professionals Working with At-Risk Youth in France visit ICS
"Sharing the Planet" Exhibit at ICS

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Peace Lessons at ICS - CNN Video | Article

Photo of young student in the foreground with a teacher in the background

"I constantly remind ICS students how lucky we are. We could have been killed, and not only are we here, but we're in a place where we're celebrated. I tell them they can take everything away from you, but your knowledge is in your head, and it makes you brave."

Hodan Osman
ICS Tutor
– as quoted in the
New York Times

Peace Lessons at ICS - a CNN Video