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What is the Annual Fund?

As a public charter school, the International Community School receives its primary funding from the DeKalb County School District. However, the per-pupil support is not enough to cover all the wonderful programs and support services offered at ICS.

ICS raises money to supplement the funding from the DeKalb County School District through our Annual Fund.

The Annual Fund makes up the difference by paying for school operating costs including teacher salaries, programs such as Reading Recovery & School Within the School, utilities, insurance, and equipment. Donate to the Annual Fund online.

In addition to donations, earn money for the school through Earning for Learning programs.

As a nationally recognized, award-winning school, ICS represents the fulfillment of the American promise and the possibility of our future world: diverse, global and interconnected.

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Like charter schools nationwide, ICS is consistently underfunded and relies on the generous support of private donors to provide a unique and innovative education to a diverse student body with a broad range of educational and personal needs.

ICS is a federally tax-exempt 501c3 organization. Donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

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