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For many ICS students and their families, the school serves as their primary (and sometimes only) bridge into the greater community. As such, it is important that a wide variety of opportunities outside of the academic classroom are available.

ICS has an exemplary sports program staffed by volunteers. Volunteers donate 130 hours weekly for the school's soccer program. One third of the school's students play on ICS's eight soccer teams in a local league. It's noteworthy that who ICS alumni who were refugees have made the U.S. National Soccer Team. Both said that they would not have accomplished this if not for the ICS volunteer coaches. In addition, volunteers from the Atlanta Track Club have taken a special interest in ICS, sponsoring Kilometer Kids, and annual race that attracts more than 100 children. And 80 children enjoy participating in the school's volunteer-run tennis program that was developed jointly with the American Tennis Association. So, while many public schools nationwide have been forced to cut sports programs, they remain a vital part of the ICS experience.

Soccer is a big favorite with children from all over the world and provides
a natural bridge to
cross-cultural friendships.

Photo of boys playing soccer

Providing dance, drama, art, soccer, swimming, language classes, homework assistance and much more, the ICS After School Program is nationally recognized as one of the top
of its kind.

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